German Teen Cissie Creampie Gangbang

Cissie is my ultimate fantasy and I want to share her with those of you who do not know about this goddess. John Thompson, the king of German porn, found this girl back in the early-mid 2000’s. She had ~10 or so scenes, and one random live webcam video, then she disappeared. I wish I could find more of her!

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In this creampie gangbang video, Cissie has her brunette hair cut pretty short, her toned body is nicely tanned, that tight tummy, round butt and full C-cup, natural tits and perfectly presented, shaved pussy are at their peak. She lets many strange men penetrate her mouth, anus and vagina. Some of these guys choose to shoot their cum loads on and in her fertile pussy. Cissie is a German porn legend!

GGG Teen Victoria Creampie Gangbang with plenty Creampie Cleanup from Magdalena

The early and mid-2000’s were the absolute best times for creampie gangbangs and raunchy, German porn.

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Victoria was one of the most beautiful girls to ever perform in a John Thompson smut film. She was petite and fit with a tight tummy, firm b-cup tits and a round little ass. This was her very first credit porn film with John Thompson and the GGG productions company/brand! Her complexion was clear and pale. She looked like the girl next door but in reality was an absolute freak. She always played the timid role in these videos. Her pussy was visibly tight and she clearly had no problem with letting strange groups of men fuck her and cum inside of her nubile vagina. In this feature film, she has assistance by two different girls.

In this video, you’ll see custom edits of multiple scenes from the film titled, “Erste Sperma Begegnung.” Victoria is the focus and it’s easily one of the most erotic videos you will ever see.

➡️ Full Video Download Here

➡️ Full Video Download Here

Lana Paes Shemale Female Male Bareback Threesome

Lana Paes was without a doubt one of the hottest porn stars every to film a scene. She was also a bit of a freak, as she filmed multiple bisexual and shemale scenes.


Check this one out where she’s in a bikini, poolside, ready to fuck a guy and a shemale. She shows off her amazing tits and round ass as she rides this tranny dick like never before. The cumshots at the end by the guy and the t-girl get sprayed on Lana’s big Brazilian tits.

Shemale Chelsea Marie and Female Moka Mora Have Bareback Sex With Facial, Swallow and Cum Kisses

Moka Mora is a lean, fit, tremendously sexy young sex fiend with perfect natural tits and a tight round ass. She’s also the hottest real female to ever fuck a transsexual on film.

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Full Scene: Chelsea & Moka: TS-On-Pussy Debauchery

Her roots spread around from the United States to Spain, and her DNA is spread around Chelsea Marie’s she-cock.

Highlights and Thoughts Include:

  • Holy shit……this chick (Moka Mora) is fine as fuck.
  • Wow. This is going to be the hottest female to fuck a shemale ever.
  • Look at how lean and fit this girl is. Tight ass and perfect, natural tits.
  • This girl isn’t afraid of tranny dick at all. Wow. She’s going at it.
  • Yes! Yes! She’s about to hop on that dick and there is no condom in sight.
  • The dick is in and this is officially bareback shemale on female fucking.
  • Moka is twerking on this tranny’s dick. This is incredible. I hope there’s a premature cumshot and maybe some fucking after cumming.
  • Incredible stamina by this shemale.
  • Is she going to eat this shemale’s cock. Dayum!
  • Look at the cameraman. This is borderline creepy but I can’t say I blame him. He definitely just copped a feel of Moka’s tit.
  • Okay, they’re setting up for a standing vs. on-your-knees cumshot. I hope it’s a good sized load.
  • Nice cum dump on this hottie’s face. Very nice.
  • Whoa! Chelsea had cum all over her hands, picked up Moka, then had her hands on/in her pussy. That may have been an unintended shemale on female creampie. At the least, there was a high probability of semen from Shemale Chelsea’s hand and fingers onto and maybe into Moka’s pussy.

Tranny Fucks Skinny Girl Bareback and Cums on Her Pussy

Shemale on female porn, especially bareback, is a unique niche of adult content that makes finding new videos a difficult task. Thankfully, with the popularity of live webcam streams like this, new videos of t-girls having bareback sex with girls are surfacing.

This video features a teen transexual and teen genetic female having unprotected sex on a live stream. There’s sucking and penetration in multiple positions. To finish, the skinny shemale pulls out and cums on the petite teen female’s bald pussy.

Lana Paes Fucking After Cumshot Drips Inside Her Pussy

Performer: Lana Paes
Film: Amigas da Minha Irmã

Lana Paes is a Brazilian porn star who did only a couple handfuls of scenes. She’s a busty girl with bronze skin and an amazing bubble butt. In my opinion, she has the perfect body for sex. As you’ll find out in future updates, she’s an absolute freak.

Video Summary

In this video, Lana Paes gets coaxed into some sex after participating in a game of strip pool. As you’ll soon find out, a pool table is for more than billiards. During intercourse and from behind, the guy can’t hold his load and ends up dropping a cumshot into her pussy. They both have a hand in holding open her pussy lips so the load can drip perfectly into her vagina. With no hesitation, he continues fucking Lana.

Was This Cumshot Planned?

Since I’ve never seen her take a creampie in any of her other videos, I’m wondering if this was unplanned and completely spontaneous.

Handjob Leads To Unprotected Sex With Laci

Starring Laci in Stroke, Suck & Tease #6

I really want to believe these girls agree to do a handjob and/or blowjob video with some teasing but wind up getting tricked, like a white girl on a date with Darren Sharper, into just a little penetration. You know the old game of “just the tip.” Yeah, that kind of thing. You know, “Just for five seconds. Just to see if we like it.” If Laci’s already damaged were jeopardized, I’m okay with that.

Fucking After Cumshot During Threesome With Bella Baby and Kari

Full Scene and Extras > Pleasant Lips

Bella Baby and Kari team up on James, one lucky mother fucker, to give him the threesome of his life.

One blonde. One Brunette. Two smokin’ hot bodies and a cock that cums mid scene. Can you blame him? If I had these two teens on my junk, it’d probably only take me 30 seconds before I blew up like The World Trade Center. Bella Baby was the lucky recipient of an unplanned load across her vagina. Kari was more than happy to help clean up.

After spending his load, James is right back to business. The best part in the scene has to be when he has the privilege to have the girls simultaneously, fucking one of the girls doggystyle, then pulling out and entering the other in missionary.

They’re both sexy as hell, but I must highlight how incredibly perfect Kari’s body is. She’s petite with big, natural tits, a round ass and a pretty face. Her body is sicker than Hillary Clinton.

Meli Deluxe Creampie Gangbang with Natascha

This is an amazing, sloppy creampie gangbang video featuring super sexy Meli Deluxe and “The Gangbang Queen” Natascha. This gangbang party was filmed in 2013 and will be a favorite of creampie gangbang lovers for many years to come. To see the full video, click here.

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The creampie gangbang takes place in what looks like a trendy and upscale nightclub. The more experienced Natascha takes on more guys and more visible creampies, but Meli certainly participates. Meli, with her pale skin, long and lean body and big, fake tits looks perfect as she lets strangers bang her bareback and cum inside and on her.

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Meli Deluxe’s Amateur Page On MyDirtyHobby

Tove Lo Look-Alike Ivory Handjob and Penetration Tease

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This porn rookie goes by the name of Ivory but she looks a lot like her name could be Tove Lo or maybe even Bebe Rexha. In this handjob tease video, Ivory lets things get a little out of hand when she allows the guy to penetrate her as she hops on top in cowgirl style sex. She’s got a hot, pale boy with big, natural tits. The scene finishes with her receiving oral sex then jerking the guy off to completion.

Monica Breeze Handjob and Penetration Tease

Full scene and dvd here:

This is one of my all-time favorite scenes. Monica Breeze is such a turn on. In this video, she starts off stripping and giving a blowjob. The agreement was to only do oral and hand stuff. During the shooting of the scene, Monica can no longer control herself and sneakily inserts the stud’s penis inside of her. After doing this a few more time, she finishes the job with a fierce handjob and takes the facial and swallows.

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Jenna Justine Nina Lawless Bareback Sex and Pullout Facial

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This video features shemale porn star Nina Lawless having bareback sex with female Jenna Justine. Jenna Justine is a skinny, pale teen girl who decided she wanted to experience sex with a tranny. She also wants it raw with no condom. Shemale mega star Nina Lawless is more than happy to penetrate her tight pussy and ass with her shecock. The scene ends with Nina pulling out of Jenna’s pussy, while Jenna is on top, riding bareback, and cumming in Jenna’s mouth and on her face. Jenna sucks after cumshot.

Teen Rides Boyfriend After Cumshot.

This petite teen starts the show off by giving her boyfriend the deep throating blowjob of a lifetime.Once it’s clear he can no longer take the teasing, she disrobes to reveal a tight, 19 year old body with cute tits and a bubble butt. The pussy looks tight and immaculate.

He positions himself on the couch in a manner which will allow her to climb on top and ride his flesh rocket. Immensely erect, he slides his member into her wet cunt. Within seconds, he has to pause the action. He needs a moment to compose himself. He doesn’t want to blow., not right now and not so quickly.

After a a couple seconds of break, he penetrates her once more. Up and down, up and down, he just can’t hold back. He then pulls out and sprays a think load of cum onto her ass and lower back.

Neither want the fun to end. She’s still wet. He’s still hard. They continue to fuck after the cumshot.


Using The Cum Of Many Men As Lube During Orgy.

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In this video, what you’re watching is what I believe is one of the hottest, raunchiest, wildest scenes ever in a porn video. In this German creampie gangbang, 2 superstars during the pinnacle of the German Goo Girls era, Annette Schwarz and Magdalena engage in a sex act I’ve never seen replicated. While Annette is riding a guy, Magdalena lets a guy come in her mouth. Making sure not to swallow, Magdalena walks over to where Annette is, rocks her forward, and spits the cum onto the cock of the guy who’s still penetrating Miss Schwarz. Annette proceeds to continue riding her guy, enjoying the lube that is the sperm from the guy who had cum in the mouth of Magdalena. Just when you think that is the hottest sex act in history, Magdalena decides to top it. What happens next may make your dick explode.

While Annette is busy getting fucked in the missionary position, off in the near distance is Magdalena who’s enjoying her own fuck session. When that guy can no longer handle Magdalena’s perfect pussy, he cums in her mouth. This facial is then mimicked by other, random, guys in the room who are ready to cum. With multiple loads in her mouth, Magdalena walks over to Annette. With nothing more than eye contact, these two women are on the same page.

Magdalena spits her large mouthful of cum into Annette’s mouth. With all this second hand cum in her mouth, Annette begins to blow some guy. After a few strokes of that dick with her mouth, Annette backs the cock out of her pussy, spits this large load of multi-guy jizz onto his cock, then hops on to ride that cum covered cock.

Whitney Stevens Fucking After Cumshot

Super hot video of Whitney Stevens changing into a bikini in the bathroom. Showing off her big tits and big tanned ass. Then she gets on the bed and sucks a big dick until it blows a big load all over her face. Without cutting, she hops right on his did, cum still all over her face, and lets him fuck the devil out of her. He finishes by blowing a second load where he put the first load.

Shemale Female Bareback Threesome

This is a hot threesome with no condoms going full bareback between a tranny a girl and a guy. The chemistry between the three is quite believable and erotic. The shemale is a busty gal with fake tits and an average-size, circumcised cock which both the female and the guy love to suck. The girl is a petite brunette with firm little tits and a manicured pussy.

After some threeway oral sex, the girl slides down to ride that tranny cock, bareback, in the reverse cowgirl position. The shemale is sucking the guy’s dick most of the time.  After a good bit of riding, they lie sideways to finish things off. When it’s time to cum, the shemale’s load is shared by the guy and girl.

Brooklyn Chase Oily Massage and Creampie from FuckedHard18

This is the beautiful Brooklyn Chase getting oiled up and taken advantage of, albeit willingly, during a sensual massage. I absolutely adore her sexy body. Her big tits, flat tummy, round ass and fit body is more than enough to make any man try his luck on the massage table.  This guy really pushes his luck when he cums inside of her.  After the sex, she seems very pleased.

18 year old LSU student With Big Tits Fucked

This is supposed to be Morgan Fille, an 18 year old sorority girl from LSU. She’s a busty teen who does some condom sex with a hung fellow for I don’t think this girl was a student and this is more of brilliant marketing by the people behind the site.

First, here are some pics of Morgan when she’s not getting fucked for money:

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Shemale Female Creampie Gangbang

In what I believe to be the first video of its kind, these two shemales, Joanna Jet and Liberty Harkness, double up on female Jessica Lo to produce the first creampie gangbang involving shemales cumming inside a female. Even better, it’s a sloppy couple of creampies with no cleanup!

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Joanna Jet and Amica Bentley

Shemale legend Joanna Jet bareback fucks the living hell out of female Amica Bentley. This is a hot scene from Shemale meets Female #3.

After fucking in all positions, Joanna unloads a facial creampie all over Amica’s face. Amica is happy to swallow what makes it in her mouth.