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Joanna Jet is one of the pioneers of the shemale-on-female niche that’s become so popular today. When other tgirls were banging pussy with a condom on, Joanna Jet was convincing these girls to let her slip that she cock in raw! I’ve even see this tranny creampie a few women!

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In this porn video, a skinny black teen is late on her rent. To avoid getting kicked out of her place, she’s agreed to let a tall blonde tranny landlord fuck her in her ebony pussy with no condom on then do what we all like to do if we’re rawdogging some snatch, lets that t-girl bust a big load of cum in that pussy.

Upon further inspection, I think that load is fake. It’s still fun to pretend.

Skinny German College Teen Creampie Gangbang

This little freak is the petite Paris Pink. She’s a German girl who is totally into risky creampie gangbangs. In this video, she has group sex with many men. Some choose to use condoms, many rawdog her, and all of them get to enjoy thrusting inside of one of her holes.

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Barely in her 20’s, This skinny blonde has found her calling as a bukkake goddess who has no sexual reserves. As all of these men can attest, Paris gives up some tight pussy that’s always thirsty for a creampie. Some of the men choose to shoot their swimmers in her mouth and some choose to spray their sperm on her stomach. For those who don’t give her a creampie, there are others who will lube their dick with the cum of another man to penetrate her flesh tunnel.

Lana Paes Shemale Female Male Bareback Threesome

Lana Paes was without a doubt one of the hottest porn stars every to film a scene. She was also a bit of a freak, as she filmed multiple bisexual and shemale scenes.


Check this one out where she’s in a bikini, poolside, ready to fuck a guy and a shemale. She shows off her amazing tits and round ass as she rides this tranny dick like never before. The cumshots at the end by the guy and the t-girl get sprayed on Lana’s big Brazilian tits.

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This blonde-haired, busty mental patient gets free from her restraints to enjoy bareback sex with her shemale superior. The rare happens when the transgendered aggressor pulls her dick out, cums on the pussy, then proceeds to repenetrate her medicinally influenced vagina while using her sperm as cum lube.

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Film Title: Ass Crackin’ #7

In the mid 2000’s, Barbara Summer was one of the hottest women in porn. What is it about these Czech Republican women being so damn sexy?

Barbara’s body just doesn’t stop. She’s got a fit body with wonderful curves. I’ve read that she has implants, but I just can’t tell. Regardless, her breasts are wonderful.

Scene Breakdown

Unfortunately, George Uhl is the guy responsible for being able to cum, keep fucking, then cum again. He makes some of the worst faces in this video. Still, Barbara Summer is so hot, it’s easy enough to tolerate Uhl to be able to see someone as sexy as Barbara Summer take a pussy cumshot then continue to fuck after it. Known to be one of the queens of anal sex, you’ll see Barbara get deep dicked in the poop chute.

Fucking After Cumshot During Threesome With Bella Baby and Kari

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Bella Baby and Kari team up on James, one lucky mother fucker, to give him the threesome of his life.

One blonde. One Brunette. Two smokin’ hot bodies and a cock that cums mid scene. Can you blame him? If I had these two teens on my junk, it’d probably only take me 30 seconds before I blew up like The World Trade Center. Bella Baby was the lucky recipient of an unplanned load across her vagina. Kari was more than happy to help clean up.

After spending his load, James is right back to business. The best part in the scene has to be when he has the privilege to have the girls simultaneously, fucking one of the girls doggystyle, then pulling out and entering the other in missionary.

They’re both sexy as hell, but I must highlight how incredibly perfect Kari’s body is. She’s petite with big, natural tits, a round ass and a pretty face. Her body is sicker than Hillary Clinton.

Fucking After Creampie with Teen Katy Caro

Katy Caro is a Hungarian Pornstar who has a pussy that defeats even the most professional of penis. Katy’s fluid sex movements  make her look like sex and porn is what she was born to do. It’s both beauty and unleashed. You might even call what she does with dick an unchained melody.The problem is, her motion in the ocean, along with her 10/10 good looks, are too hot for the hired studs to handle.

Take this scene, for example. This stunt cock seems like he’s a pro’s pro. Unfortunately (for him, not us), not even the compassion of Katy Perry towards a a flaming Orlando shooting survivor would be enough to save this guy from blowing his load. As erect as a Coca-Cola 9/11 memorial display in Walmart, this guy simply can’t hold back his cumshot.

As she rides him, you can see is load start to escape her birth canal. It almost seems as though he tries to hides the fact that he just unloaded inside of her like Gennady “GGG” Golovkin did to Kell Brook inside the boxing ring. After the load is acknowledged, there’s more sex to be had. But first, this dude is in need of some nourishment. I don’t know how many calories are in ass, but this dude eats all of hers. Either he really loves munching butt, or he was just buying some recovery time to get that dick ready for round two. With comeback skills reminiscent of Hubig’s Pies in New Orleans, this stallion proceeds to go balls deep in her butthole for some stinky anal plunging.

He finishes the scene off with a little cumshot on Katy. Not bad considering he had impregnated her shortly before that.

Meli Deluxe Creampie Gangbang with Natascha

This is an amazing, sloppy creampie gangbang video featuring super sexy Meli Deluxe and “The Gangbang Queen” Natascha. This gangbang party was filmed in 2013 and will be a favorite of creampie gangbang lovers for many years to come. To see the full video, click here.

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The creampie gangbang takes place in what looks like a trendy and upscale nightclub. The more experienced Natascha takes on more guys and more visible creampies, but Meli certainly participates. Meli, with her pale skin, long and lean body and big, fake tits looks perfect as she lets strangers bang her bareback and cum inside and on her.

meli deluxe creampie gangbang
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Jenna Justine Nina Lawless Bareback Sex and Pullout Facial

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This video features shemale porn star Nina Lawless having bareback sex with female Jenna Justine. Jenna Justine is a skinny, pale teen girl who decided she wanted to experience sex with a tranny. She also wants it raw with no condom. Shemale mega star Nina Lawless is more than happy to penetrate her tight pussy and ass with her shecock. The scene ends with Nina pulling out of Jenna’s pussy, while Jenna is on top, riding bareback, and cumming in Jenna’s mouth and on her face. Jenna sucks after cumshot.

Jessi Stone Three Cumshots Handjob

Jessi Stone is the girl who took the porn world by storm, back in 2009, then all but vanished. She was known mostly for her work in interracial scenes. While Jessi surely loved the black cock, you can see her work in this handjob video, where she makes the guy come 3 times. That’s rather impressive for her and for the stunt cock. You may recall that she was the teen who appeared on dumbass Dr. Phil’s show, with her mother, to get her to quit doing porn. (

Fucking After Cumshot With Petite Blonde Teen

This barely legal teen with blonde hair and a tiny little petite body lets her boyfriend plow into her tight pussy, missionary style, before he blows his first load of cum on her stomach. He’s not finished! He turns her around to fucking her, doggy style, after he already came one time.

Nicky Reed and Suzie Carina Threesome with Anal

This is something of a classic scene from the 2000’s feature two young ladies with unbelievably sexy bodies. Both of these blondes have tight, young bodies. Nicky Reed has the perfect tits and Suzie Carina has the most perfect ass I have ever seen. I’m serious, these bubble butts are unreal! For all you anal lovers, you’ll love the second have, when these girls get their buttholes filled up.

Natali Blond Handjob Tease With Penetration

This is one of the hottest handjob/penetration tease videos I have ever seen. I’m 99% sure this girl, Natali Blond, has real tits which are among the best to ever be recorded. She’s very playful and smiles. I like how she kind of just goes with the flow and seems to be enjoying herself.

This lucky guy gets to penetrate that perfect pussy on more than one occasion before jerking off and dumping his load on her pussy and stomach. I don’t know how he was able to stop fucking her. I know I would have tried to impregnated her. What can I say? My pullout game is weak.

Natalie of SpermaStudio Friendly Fire Creampie Gangbang

One of my favortie creampie gangbang girls, the blonde-haired Natalie, gets gangbanged. While she’s riding a guy, other guys cum on her back, ass and on the guy fucking her’s dick to increase lubrication and to increase the chance of pregnancy. The lucky man fucking Natalie gets his dick covered with the cum of other men and he pushes their cum in her pussy with his dick.

Using The Cum Of Many Men As Lube During Orgy.

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In this video, what you’re watching is what I believe is one of the hottest, raunchiest, wildest scenes ever in a porn video. In this German creampie gangbang, 2 superstars during the pinnacle of the German Goo Girls era, Annette Schwarz and Magdalena engage in a sex act I’ve never seen replicated. While Annette is riding a guy, Magdalena lets a guy come in her mouth. Making sure not to swallow, Magdalena walks over to where Annette is, rocks her forward, and spits the cum onto the cock of the guy who’s still penetrating Miss Schwarz. Annette proceeds to continue riding her guy, enjoying the lube that is the sperm from the guy who had cum in the mouth of Magdalena. Just when you think that is the hottest sex act in history, Magdalena decides to top it. What happens next may make your dick explode.

While Annette is busy getting fucked in the missionary position, off in the near distance is Magdalena who’s enjoying her own fuck session. When that guy can no longer handle Magdalena’s perfect pussy, he cums in her mouth. This facial is then mimicked by other, random, guys in the room who are ready to cum. With multiple loads in her mouth, Magdalena walks over to Annette. With nothing more than eye contact, these two women are on the same page.

Magdalena spits her large mouthful of cum into Annette’s mouth. With all this second hand cum in her mouth, Annette begins to blow some guy. After a few strokes of that dick with her mouth, Annette backs the cock out of her pussy, spits this large load of multi-guy jizz onto his cock, then hops on to ride that cum covered cock.

Alanah Rae Fucking After Cumshots

Alanah Rae is so damn fine. She’s a curvy girl with a flat tummy, big, fake tits and a donk for a booty. In this video (Pornstar Athletics 3 Scene 5) she gets interrupted from her cardio session to be fucked by a big, Hispanic, cock that Nacho knows only how to cum multiple times. There are 4 cumshots in this scene. The first couple happen while she’s showing off her cowgirl skills and riding him like a pro. The third cumshot happenes while he’s fucking her doggystyle. The final cumshot happens at the end, which he puts on her tits and she licks off.

Shemale Female Bareback Threesome

This is a hot threesome with no condoms going full bareback between a tranny a girl and a guy. The chemistry between the three is quite believable and erotic. The shemale is a busty gal with fake tits and an average-size, circumcised cock which both the female and the guy love to suck. The girl is a petite brunette with firm little tits and a manicured pussy.

After some threeway oral sex, the girl slides down to ride that tranny cock, bareback, in the reverse cowgirl position. The shemale is sucking the guy’s dick most of the time.  After a good bit of riding, they lie sideways to finish things off. When it’s time to cum, the shemale’s load is shared by the guy and girl.

Puma Swede Fucking After Cumshot

In this messy video, Puma Swede let’s some feminine looking, long-haired guy fuck her, doggystyle, until he can hold back his load no longer. He blasts his cumshot onto the Swedish pornstar’s ass then sinks his dick right back in for some messy fucking, cum covered fucking.

Delilah Strong in Bareback Shemale Threesome

Delilah Strong is one of the kinkiest girls in the porn industry. Born in 1982, Delilah Strong has established herself, in the porn industry, as a girl who’s willing to put on kinky, often extreme, performance with enthusiasm and a smile. This shemale, female male threesome is further proof of her aptitude to go beyond the “norm” and expand on our kinkiest sexual desires.

After watching the shemale and male interact, Delilah starts masturbating. It’s not long before Delilah wants to join in. The pinnacle of the scene is when Delilah Strong hops on that bareback tranny cock. With the most amazing ass ever seen on such a petite white chick, she rides the heck of of this t-girl. After more fucking by everyone, the shemale cums…just a little bit. Delilah Strong sucks up that tranny cum then shares it between both dicks by sucking both cocks at the same time. After using the tranny semen as lube for the double by, the guy fucks the tranny a bit more before pulling out to cum in Delilah Strong’s mouth.

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Jessie Rogers is a blonde, teen porn star with one of the most amazing asses you’ve ever seen. In this video, she strips, teases, oils up, sucks did, rides cock then lays on her stomach for a final pummeling before the guy comes all over her ass. She plays with the cum on her pussy and asshole and makes kind of an after the fact creampie.

Joel Lawrence Cums Twice While Fucking After Cumshot

Old school favorite right here featuring classic porn star Joel Lawrence fucking a busty blonde with fake tits. He pulls out of missionary style to cum across her face and in her mouth. After some cummy sucking, he dips back in to her pussy with the remains of his first cumshot and her spit. After pounding away for a brief moment, he pulls out to cum yet again in her mouth. He drips and drools the cum everywhere.

Nella from Fucking After Cumshot

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This is a cute blonde named Nella who gets talked into fucking, sucking, getting cummed on the reinserting that phony agent’s cock after he blew his load. When there’s money and fame on the line, Nella will let anything happen. She gets so caught up in the sex that she insists he puts it back in after he blows his load.

Shemale Female Creampie Gangbang

In what I believe to be the first video of its kind, these two shemales, Joanna Jet and Liberty Harkness, double up on female Jessica Lo to produce the first creampie gangbang involving shemales cumming inside a female. Even better, it’s a sloppy couple of creampies with no cleanup!

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