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Delilah Strong is one of the kinkiest girls in the porn industry. Born in 1982, Delilah Strong has established herself, in the porn industry, as a girl who’s willing to put on kinky, often extreme, performance with enthusiasm and a smile. This shemale, female male threesome is further proof of her aptitude to go beyond the “norm” and expand on our kinkiest sexual desires.

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This is supposed to be Morgan Fille, an 18 year old sorority girl from LSU. She’s a busty teen who does some condom sex with a hung fellow for GirlsDoPorn.com. I don’t think this girl was a student and this is more of brilliant marketing by the people behind the site.

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Jessie Rogers is a blonde, teen porn star with one of the most amazing asses you’ve ever seen. In this video, she strips, teases, oils up, sucks did, rides cock then lays on her stomach for a final pummeling before the guy comes all over her ass. She plays with the cum on her pussy and asshole and makes kind of an after the fact creampie.

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This hometown, amateur threesome happens at a Jordan Creek Hampton Inn in Des Moines Iowa.

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Bree and Reina are a lesbian couple but they’re willing to do whatever it takes if the price is right. After being offered enough money to bring a guy into the scene for a threesome, the two girls are more than willing to share their passion…..as long as the guy wears a condom. A young stud is brought in for this hometown scene shot in a hotel room at a Hampton Inn in Des Moines Iowa.

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It’s going to be pretty awkward to explain how a couple of lesbos may have both ended up pregnant.

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